Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kenmore (Whirlpool) Washing Machine Agitator

We recently noticed that the agitator in our old Kenmore 70 Series washing machine was no longer rotating.  We've had this same basic model of washing machine for 25 years so this is a repair I'm pretty familiar with.
First, remove the fabric softener dispenser by pulling up on the blue ring.
 Next, pop off the top cover of the agitator.  There is a small slot where you can use a flat headed screw driver to pry off the cover.
 Once the lid is off you can see the clutch with the 4 worn out dogs.
Clutch with worn out dogs
  Use a socket and extension to remove the retainer bolt and lift the entire agitator out of the washer.  You can just grab the clutch assemble and pull it off the agitator.

View from underneath the agitator assembly
Once you have the retainer assembly removed the new clutch dogs just drop down into the slots

Retainer Assembly with New Dogs Installed
 Next just snap the assembly back together
Reassembled Clutch with New Dogs
 Then place the agitator back in the washer, install the retainer bolt, cover, and dispenser.

---> Fixed in about 15 minutes for about $4.

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